trainingTraining investments ideally yield measurable improvements in understanding, behaviour, performance and organizational outcomes. In its most elevated state, the delivery of training to teams and organization is an opportunity to be a part of remarkable transformation, growth and the achievement of ground-breaking outcomes. This is my goal as a trainer.

To achieve this, I ensure that training programs are well suited to groups’ needs and designed to be practical to their work and desired outcomes. I consider the existing wisdom, strength and motivation of learners and build upon existing capacity. I develop and deliver training programs with diverse learners in mind and incorporate materials, activities, and discussion that bring content to life in meaningfully.

I have developed and delivered training to groups spanning primary industry, government, non-profit, manufacturing and processing, as well and sales and service.

Topics include:

  • communication,
  • coaching,
  • supervisory, and
  • leadership skills.

Thanks to this body of work, I have an inventory of training materials that can be refined to meet client needs when developing original material is not practical.

To ensure that concepts and techniques stay with learners over time, I work with clients to build learning supports into every day work to optimize the performance returns on training.